50% of net profits are donated via cryptocurrency, to non-profit organizations that are creating transformational social and environmental change. Donations from our initial product launch of R!SE for People and Planet tee shirts will be made to The Giving Block's Ukraine Emergency Response Fund.

R!SE for People and Planet Tee Shirts

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we have pivoted from the intended goal of our initial product launch in an effort to provide humanitarian aid for Ukrainian citizens through donations to organizations within The Giving Block's Ukraine Emergency Response Fund that are providing urgent medical care and aid to children, individuals and families in Ukraine. 50% of net profits will be donated via cryptocurrency, which is the most efficient way to provide immediate service. Cryptocurrency is inherently available worldwide. The current method of making donations of traditional fiat currency requires intermediaries or a way to convert the currency; cryptocurrency simplifies this process. Blockchain technology creates a ledger of every transaction ever made and thus, by nature, solves some of the biggest problems in charitable giving which are trust and transparency. Blockchain technology allows for the fastest, most cost-effective, most transparent and most secure ways to execute financial transactions.